This is a calling for you and your vision...

There are no prerequisites, no entry standards - just possibility...

Any way you see fit to further your pursuit of making being you just that little bit easier, or helping others to find themselves and their path, we want to join you in making it happen!

There is no ambition too big, no contribution too small - there is just you, us, and our Personal Development Project.

2020/2021 Targets:

You can find more information by clicking on the vacancies listed below.

Why you?

We could get anyone else to do it...

Join our team that is. But they're not going to think how you're going to think. They're not going to say what you're going to say. They're not going to deliver what you're going to deliver.

We'd be worse off without whatever it is that your Personal Development Project wants to be.

No experience is required for any of our vacancies

However, if you would like to enquire about what it would take to get involved before committing yourself to anything, get in contact with us at

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