Episode 10 - Personal Politics

Hosted by Yunus Skeete with guest speakers Sam Kay and Mali Gunter.


Episode 10 - Personal Politics

Episode 10

Discusses a feeling of political paralysis; new year, different vote, same problems. When our vote is one of millions, it is easy to feel like we lack influence over our lives when we deal with politics on national scales. This fortnight, we explore finding ourselves and our path through investing in more local and personal contributions to regain a sense of control in a seemingly stagnant political system.

How we seek to uphold our civic duty - In a democracy, the power lies in the hands of the people, so it is partially up to us to run the country. Many of us do that with a vote, but how do we seek to engage with these duties on a daily basis within our sphere of immediate influence? What can we fix ourselves rather than wait for things to change around us?

Is this a domain which we can influence? - Common is the feeling that our contribution is drowned out by the noise of the nation. In a world of six degrees of separation, the potential for our message to inspire is far more limetless than it may seem, it just depends how we seek to communicate it.

National or personal politics - We can influence the face of things, but we can also influence the feel of living in our society on a daily basis. Which is more important and are we giving both due consideration?

We experience life through our lens and we live in a nation of individuals - Influence on a national scale comes down to individual shifts in each and everyone of us across the nation. If we want a more accepting society nationally, is the first place we need to go to mass communications or to ourselves?

We interact with ourselves primarily and then the immediate sphere around us - We rarely interact with society on a national scale rather than a personal one. Which should we take more responsibility for influencing and how do we ensure that neither are neglected?

What is realistic to expect from ourselves and others? - What we feel we are entitled couldn't have a larger influence on what it feels to live in our society. Analysing what is truly important and what exists within our domain of influence may reshuffle our perspectives.

What are the prerequisites for a happy, fulfilling life? - How dependent is contemptment and fulfillment on the state of national politics around you? How much can we let whether or not we will be able to afford a house, use our passport in the EU, or pay more in taxes dictate how life feels for us?

Standing for something, not against - It feels as if people know more what they are against and why than what they are for and why. Contradictarily however, we are often ignorant to what we are against and how our ideoligies can effectively be shutting down others' opinions and libities. Was the last time we voted because we truly believed in something rather than because we could not stand the prospect of the opposition?

Personal politics, morality and direction - How do we know that we and our ideologies are actually of benefit to all? Most of us think we are doing the right thing, but so do the people who most passionately object to us. Where do we go from there?

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