1 Million mission


"Help one million people find themselves and their path to make being them just that little bit easier"

#1MminusOne project

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One million sounds bold. We agree.

So, how do we get there? Begin at the beginning.

First, identify the prerequisites for finding ourselves and our path; knowing who we are, what brings us fulfilment, and the types of relations that we want.

Knowing who we are is a game of emotional literacy. Observing how we feel, and hence think, in response to our unfolding story is key to this self-awareness. Fulfilment is the knowledge of why we turn up, why we keep going, and what we bring to ourselves and others. It is internal validation, licencing ourselves to be wholly content with our past, our present, and our future. Finally, fitting relations find us when we send the right, consistent honing signal. This signalling is a matter of articulacy - the better we can convey, the better we can connect.

Next, find alternative solutions. Leverage social networks, accessible media platforms, and collaborative tools.

Eliminate the biggest barriers to personal development: fear, support, and focus. Gather the most open minds, thinkers, feelers, reflectors, and relentless questioners to come together and do what we love: learn, help, and build. Make it free. Make it scalable. Make it accessible.

That sounds inviting, progressive, and unlike any personal development project out there. That's because no one has done this before - united a body of like-minded people striving to help others to pursue their calling. Here's a message to them, the like-minded: some will do it tomorrow, some may take a decade, but either way, we'll find ourselves, we'll find our path, and we'll join you in helping others do similar.