Episode 4 - Personal Finances / Student Debt

Hosted by Yunus Skeete with guest speakers Mali Gunter, Cem Gurhan and Veer Shah.


Episode 4 - Personal Finances

A minimalists approach to finance - Matt D'Avella

"...what you deserve is to not be in debt, what you deserve is financial freedom" - Matt D'Avella

Be aware of "lifestyle creep" - increased income should not necessarily always correlate to increased spending. Finding a comfortable level of living and maintaining that, regardless of pay rises, allows us to build the financial buffer needed to absorb those rainy days or build towards a better financial future.

Knowing when you are most vulnerable financially and protect yourself. Be it from pay day, student finance incoming or the winter sales.

Viewing money as an enabler, what doors are you shutting further down the line with your spending habits today?.

From the most basic investment that ticks the boxes, does this extra expenditure really provide any additional value, or would extra value be achieved by having more money in your bank account further down the line?

University of Bristol Student Finance - For advice on student finances, budgeting and emergency loans.

The Personal Development Mindset

Progressive Extremism/The Snowball Effect

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