Episode 16 - Endings and beginnings

Hosted by Yunus Skeete with Isaac Rawcliffe and Angus Black.


Episode 16 - Endings and Beginnings

Nothing lasts indefinitely...

How do we deal with that change? This is a conversation about how we have been dealing with just that:

"The ending is the pinpoint of it all, the aftermath and trying to start everything up again is the hardest bit" - The end marks a new beginning. An end can come around so unexpectedly and we don't always realise that the ball keeps rolling. We are going to need to be a new person. We are going to need to move differently,. Our appreciations and our perspectives need to change.

- (0:06:04)

"No one is ever worried about the point at which it ends. It is the unclear future that is the scary bit" - Often when we talk about endings and beginnings, we focuss on the point at which it ends. That often isn't the part that hurts. It is the new normal that we are thrust into that often hurts. That comfotable, no matter how good or bad it was before, is no longer there. We have to start again.

- (0:08:12)

"Sometimes that pain or that sorrow is necessary to carry over" - We can't always leave all of the pain in the past. Sometimes, we can't push it away, repress it, or leave it behind. That is often the process of moving forwards - being there and feeling what needs to be felt.

- (0:11:09)

"Where do these narratives come from? How do these narratives get passed down?" - Everyone is hyper aware of the person that society wants them to be or thinks they are, but where are these narratives coming from?

- (0:15:30)

"I still need to be strong because you guys aren't dealing with this right now" - When something significant ends, we are left in a place where everyone else isn't. They're not dealing with what you're dealing with. That can leave us feeling very estranged. We can feel the need to go this alone as to spare bringin others into our struggles.

- (0:15:33)

"What keeps us moving forwards?" - How do we keep the pages of our story turning so that it does say 'this is the beginning of something' rather than 'the end' and fullstop?

- (0:26:30)

"You need to refind single Yunus" - The person we are is often forced to leave as the latest chapter of our life ends. This used to be you, this used to be what you do, this used to be what you invest in. When it goes, that often mandates rediscovering the stability we used to depend on.

- (0:34:45)

"What previously fitted now doesn't" - An end often births a twisted reassessment of yourself. We often evaluate ourselves and the positions we find ourselves in when we are at our lowest.

- (0:39:00)

"Time heals all" - That long way away, as much as it is measure in time , it is not. It is often measured in honest conversations with yourself and others. It is measured in activities, in listening to ourselves and speaking for the parts of ourselves that we seldom give a voice. We can expedite this healing process by not running and doing it now.

- (0:55:20)

"Tou need to do that (heal and move on) multiple times" - Often we don't just 'heal' once. Things come back around again and again and we need to deal with them again and again to move on. Realisisng this and recognising it as the process of healing can be essential to us truly leaving things in the past.

- (0:58:30)

"Find your new normal" - It is over. You are here now.

- (1:05:00)

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