Episode 5 - Progressive Extremism / The Snowball Effect

Hosted by Yunus Skeete with guest speakers Tom Purves and Philip Mokuolu.


Episode 5 - Progressive Extremism/The Snowball Effect

Episode 5

Discusses the topics of Progressive Extremism/The Snowball Effect. Guest speakers talk about their experiences with working towards large goals, as well as identifying the motives driving them towards them. The episode also touches on how things can snowball, positively or negatively, from the smallest and least expecting of places and managing this, such that your current trajectory remains in alignment with your needs and wants.

  • "Optimise for happiness" - The PDProject Team
  • "What is pulling you? What is pushing you?" - Tom Purves
  • "Passion without a handbrake gets you nowhere." - Tom Purves
  • The 80% rule: "If you are not 80% sure that you will be able to achieve your next step, peg it back" - The PDProject Team

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