The Personal Development Posts is a platform dedicated to sharing written and narrated accounts on the quest of making being ourselves just that little bit easier.

We believe in a community which learns from each other as to only makes its mistakes once.

On this journey of finding ourselves and our path, we have learned a lot of our lessons the hard way...

...we are here to share from our personal experience so that you don't have to.

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What if being good wasn't enough?

What if being a good person doesn't actually mean that you are of benefit to society?

What if the best amongst us could actually be bad people?

...bad people who seemingly find themselves making situations worse by virtue of their contributions.

Article 8 - It's not as simple as it seems

Written by Yunus Skeete

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I started to come to the realisation that I share so little and I am affected so much,

And I suspect that I am far from alone in this.

In my censorship, I mute and I silence entire regions of myself, my experience, and my identity,

And it harms me...

Article 7 - The conversations we are not having

Written by Yunus Skeete

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There is a lot happening beneath the surface of this seemingly harmless behaviour.

Understanding the route of procrastination helps to weaken it.

Therefore an element of self-awareness can help to reduce anxiety and keep things in perspective.

Article 6 - Procrastination

Written by Daisy Rees

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Article 5 - Show that you care

Written by Yunus Skeete

The most destructive of narratives always seem to be born out of loving places. One of the recurring sentiments from my childhood was "show that you care”. A guiding principle from my mother. In her experience, many an important relationship had festered as a result of others simply not showing that they cared...

Article 4 - Who are you being?

Written by Yunus Skeete

"I have a passion for live Jazz music", "I am a really sociable and caring person", "I am always there for my friends", "I am a hard working, motivated and passionate student". Really? Are you?

Article 3 - Attention Management

Written by Yunus Skeete

Time management, one of the most important skills is it not? No, it's redundant...

Article 2 - Self-care is growing in popularity – and for all the right reasons

Written by Eloise Wroe Wright

For so many years I scoffed at the ‘yoga-loving, Bali-travelling, self-love preachers’ all over Instagram. However, my first two years at University have taught me that self-care is something you have to build...

Article 1 - Emotional Assumptions

Written by Yunus Skeete

I have always been an emotionally robust guy. In high-stress situations, if there was a guy who was keeping his calm and on top of things, it was Yunus.

The highs and lows of life just seemed to be managed effortlessly. I could just alter my mindset to see things productively and proactively...

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