Episode 6 - Support Networks

Hosted by Yunus Skeete with guest speakers Yannick Yalipende and Montague Rhodes.


Episode 6 - Personal Pursuits

Episode 6

Discusses the guest speakers' journeys through university within the context of managing their support networks. In an unedited format to aid transparency, we discuss our psychologies, social vulnerabilities, experiences and ways in which we can help ourselves whilst helping others.

"I think all of your friends should be your counsellors" - Although we cannot replace professional support, the aim should be to create a proximal network of support in which those around you can be along for the ride.

"What if pride is wanting to control others' perspectives of you?" - How much more would we share if we weren't concerned with preserving our image? We could all benefit from unpacking our personal blend of pride.

"We are our own professionals, there is a vantage point that professionals don't have; our experience" - When it comes to mental health, we should not ignore the person going through it and how important that vantage point is.

"Finding your way of making some sort of micro-movement" - Even if it is writing a letter rather than speaking face-to-face, we need to the first, manageable, step to letting others in.

"My self-dependence and self-resilience meant I was probably the friend that needed the help the most" - We often only help those who look like they need it the most, but that can leave those prone to helping everyone else without anyone to return the favour.

"We can wait until someone else provides the solution or we can think ‘what can I do today?’" - We can be the solution to each other’s problems, that can start with a smile or asking someone how their day went.

"What if people are doing the best that they can? We'll never know whether people are doing the best they can or not, but when I assume people are, it makes my life better" - When others react in a way we wouldn't appreciate, it often leaves us resentful. What if instead, this was a sign that they themselves are in need and don't know how to handle the situation?

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