Episode 3 - The Personal Development Mindset

Hosted by Yunus Skeete with guest speakers Gruff Kennedy and Mali Gunter.


Episode 3 - The Personal Development Mindset

"My Personal Development Mindset was born from trying to make me better suited to the life I am currently living, and since that is constantly changing, there is always room for personal growth" - Yunus Skeete

Comparisons can be a blessing, but more often than not they manifest as a curse. A common pitfall is drawing comparisons with us when we are at our weakest. Not too often do we look down the ladder, at those less fortunate than us. Rather we only focus on those who appear to be doing better than we are. This can lead to an immense amount of pressure and a negatively skewed perception of where we sit amongst our peers.

"We could all benefit from living a life for the person you are today. Investments in our future are crucial, but make sure you optimise for today's happiness as well as tomorrow's" - The PDProject Team

"It is what it is" - Mali Gunter. Seeking comfort in our current situation affords us a degree of rest bite from self-imposed pressures. This is something we are not privy to when we constantly compare reality to our ideals.

"Keep it moving - move what you can and leave what you can't for another day" - The PDProject Team

"If we don't start, we don't fail" - Failure paralysis

"It is not about how we start, how we finish is always more pertinent" - The PDProject Team

"Success as a game of numbers" - The PDProject Team

"Life is about expending the least amount of effort" - Mali Gunter

"Effort implies value, so invest in your life wholeheartedly" - Gruff Kennedy


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