About the PDPosts

"We have learned a lot of our lessons the hard way. We are here to share from our personal experience so that you don't have to..."

On our pursuit of making being us just that little bit easier, we have acquired some tools to help us.


Hopefully, after sharing our stories, you will have those tools too. Hence, we come to the PDPosts not trying to be correct, but simply sharing our perspectives so that the trials we went through, you don't have to.


We don't intend for our readers to agree or disagree...

...we simply aim for understanding.



For our writers, I would love the PDPosts to be a place that they can come to to express themselves as they embark on their journey of finding themselves and their path.

- Yunus Skeete

PDProject Founder and Manager


If you would like to get involved, please do!

It is pretty much an open door, so contact us below!