Audio Technician / Editor

-Role Description

Are you interested in Personal Development with a passion for audio?

The PDProject is looking for student audio technicians and editors to join our student team and manage our audio content. You will be working with myself (Yunus Skeete - Founder of the PDProject) to help deliver the visions outlined in our Vacancies page.

*Experience optional - all required training provided.

Expected contributions:

Familiarisation of audio editing software - E.g. Audacity

Editing of PDPodcasts, PDAudible and other audio content

Expected output:

PDPodcast and PDPost audio every fortnight


We intentionally do not operate with a "we are looking for" strategy.

If you believe you have the drive and the vision to deliver this role, we invite you to take it (it is pretty much an open door) and mould the role to fit yourself. We would much rather that than remoulding yourself to fit the role.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, contact us at or fill out our application form below.

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